Devnote Tuesdays: The Calm Before the Storm Edition

Felipe (HarvesteR): Experimentals continue at a solid pace, bugs are being squashed left and right, and things are moving along nicely. I’ve added two new Strategies after the first initial 6, so we now have 4 departments and 8 strategies. The two new strategies are: Aggressive Negotiations - lowers the cost of new missions at the cost of a reputation hit on each ‘discount’, and Recovery Transponder Fitting - Increases launch costs, but also boosts the recovery factor for vessels landed far from KSC. These are offered under the Operations dept, headed by Gus Kerman.

Other than that, I’ve mostly been working on bugfixing, but added a couple of features as well, and a couple of new stock vessels: The Learstar A1, a shuttle-like vessel that does, well, whatever a shuttle does; and the Stearwing D45, a two-stage, twin-engine spaceplane. I have to say, our flight model may not be the nicest piece of code in the game, but the revised tuning on the new SP parts does make a huge difference. Flying is a whole new level of fun now.

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Still working on the last test to the KSP Store website changes. That should be done by this week.

Mike (Mu): Its been a long week of fixing various bugs and implementing a few last-minute requests.

Marco (Samssonart): The experimentals phase for 0.25 is going well, and since the amount of bugs and feedback for the really important stuff is starting to run lower I think we’re close, so yeah, 0.25 is not too far away everyone, cheers!

Daniel (danRosas): After that Kerbal break from last week, I’m back into modeling and texturing. I can happily say that we’re nearing 50% of production, and we’re starting to see results! It’s been an interesting ride, since we’re three artists, with different techniques working on the task at hand, but we’re getting to good places.

Jim (Romfarer): This week, I have been concentrating on implementing input locks for all of our GUI elements and for that matter everything that can be controlled in the game. The way this work started up was due to a request to make the debug toolbar non-clickthrough. I quickly realized that this is a pretty big task and a few tests revealed that we have overlapping input locks. So when components start to listen to, and using these locks, unforeseen things happen. In the end i had to make a hard decision to stop locking down the debug toolbar awaiting the next release. However, it is a lot less click-through than it was.

Another side effect of this job was that i needed a reference from the EzGUI UIManager to the InputLockManager. The only way to do this was to move everything EzGUI over to our main library. If you are a modder, this means you don’t have to reference the firstpass library anymore.

Max (Maxmaps): Working on the by now traditional update features video. Should be done pretty soon. Also helping organize the media and stream groups for our usual preview vids. Happy to see things wrapping up in experimentals, even if there’s still a bit of work left to get through.

Bob (Calisker): While the development team keeps plugging away at 0.25, we’re working on getting the word out on this exciting update. Max revealed the danger Kerbals are now to their space center and we’re working on the finishing touches to what we’ll want to share in terms of details and content for 0.25 before it goes live (Soon™).

Ted (Ted): So over the past week we’ve been tidying things up for the Experimentals big push of bug fixing, feature refinement and all around polishing. Things are going really well and we’ve already had some great tuning done of the strategies feature. Not to mention the SP parts getting a fantastic amount of playtesting and feedback to ensure the fit seamlessly into the game. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve spent a fair while of downtime playing with them and the now not-so-secret feature!

Overall, the improved experimental team have really being proving their worth with the sheer amount of bug tracker content they’re producing and the meticulousness with which they’re applying themselves to the features in 0.25.

Anthony (Rowsdower): I don’t know if you can tell, but things seem to be winding down on the 0.25 development front. Everyone’s got a few less rabbits to pull out of their hats this week. Let me see if I can find a few…oh, yes! How about an onslaught of 0.25 media? Get set for some of your favorite KSP Youtubers to unleash havoc on 0.25 this Saturday, October 4. If that’s not enough, KSP-TV’s going to be playing 0.25 live for you all weekend. Make sure to keep up with our programming SCHEDULE as it comes together.

While we’re at it, I must confess something to you all. As has been the standard with the last few updates, we’ve been thinking of a clever title to attach to 0.25. Problem is, we’re a bit stuck on what to call it. We already came up with several pages of names that we weren’t too thrilled with at the end of the day. We’ve come up with a little type-in SURVEY to hear your ideas on what nickname we should give to 0.25.

Before I go, what do you think of THIS PIC submitted by KasperVld?

Rogelio (Roger): This week has been hard since we’ve arrived to our first goal in our production calendar. Some models were missing and some textures had to be changed to get to the same art style, but I’m happy with the result we’ve achieved. We’re getting very nice stuff. I’ve also been making some render tests for some new images. I like to light scenes and get to nice render results little by little, but it’s really time consuming. I hope to finish this rendering thing asap. Some models are waiting to be done.

Modding Mondays: KSP Translations

Thanks to our passionate international community members, players can now read parts, science and even some of their favorite mods in ITALIAN, FRENCH and SPANISH. Not every translation will work on the same in-game areas of note, but whether you want to brush up on a new language or recognize more of your native languages in KSP, these mods help in a big way.

What’s the secret feature?

So what’s the secret feature? It isn’t the part rendered in this photo, though it is very nice. It’s actually destructible buildings!

Twitch Thursdays: MrGlasco

Poor MrGlasco. Two of the finest members of his crew, Roley and Barbald died as heroes. As such, they were given a heroic tribute by his crewmates. Make sure to pay your respects by watching this video.

Video Wednesdays: KSP Mech for Jeb

Daz050571 may have quite possibly made the closest thing to Kerbal ballet that you’re going to see. This video’s a beauty and we hope you’ll like it.

Devnote Tuesdays: The “Walt Doesn’t Make Blue Keth” Edition

Felipe (HarvesteR): Experimentals is upon us again and things are moving at a very intense pace to make sure all the features we’ve added are stable and polished. The upgrades we did to the issue tracker last week are definitely showing their worth now though, as there have been several cases of issues that were technically low-priority and would have been dismissed earlier as unimportant, that rose to the top of the list after receiving several votes. Sometimes a very mild, small detail can have a major subjective impact on the way the game plays, and issue voting lets us finally measure this perceived importance for all issues.

Besides that, most of the work this week and the last was basically bugfixing and adding polish to the things we’ve implemented. The Strategy system and the Admin Facility were met with very positive responses overall, but I must say I’m very happy to see how the new spaceplane parts are turning out.

I must warn however, that several SP+ parts do replace old parts, and it’s very likely that some spaceplane designs can become weird or misaligned. This won’t actually break saves, but ships featuring those old parts won’t look their best until rebuilt in the editor. For most cases, simply detaching and reattaching the misplaced parts will do. We decided it was for the best to simply bite the bullet on this one, because there is no point in having old parts linger around, wasting our already cramped memory space, just for the sake of delaying this inevitable change.

If you want to start preparing your saves for the release, I recommend recovering all ongoing spaceplane missions. The parts that have been most changed are the C7 delta wing and triangular wing sections, standard and small control surfaces, and minor changes were done to the mk1 fuselages and cockpit, and the entire mk2 set. I know it’s a bit of a hassle to have to do this, but trust me when I say it’s going to be well worth it!

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Last week I took a 5 day vacation in Querétaro to celebrate Mexican Independence Day (September 16th - “Fiestas Patrias”). It was a really nice time of relaxation and fun with the family. I needed that a lot. When I came back to the office on Wednesday, I set everything for the Server Migration (second attempt) scheduled for Thursday night. Unfortunately, the migration failed and we had to suspend it and I set the sites back online. This week, I cleaned our databases and made some reports. Also, I’m testing the last tweaks to the KSP Store website.

Marco (Samssonart): Last week and also this one, we’ve been deep in QA and experimentals.Luckily not too many bugs have surfaced on my part and the ones that have were not that serious - the NavBall appearing in weird places and things like that. What has been keeping me busier than I expected is getting the arrow indicator for the maneuver vector on the IVA NavBall. Since all of the vectors share the same relative position to the center of the sphere and all is managed through rotations, it’s a whole different thing than for the staging NavBall. I’m taking the dust cover off my old math books for this one.

Daniel (danRosas): It’s been almost a month since we started working on the asset production. That task is going well, walking small steps to Kerbal kind. On the other hand, I helped prepare the Kerbals that are going to be advising your administrative actions on the Administration Building.

One of those Kerbals is MORTIMER KERMAN, which quoting @maehlum ‏is going to think "You spent the whole budget on SRBs and snacks?!".  It was interesting to play with his face, since he’s the first Kerbal that has got wrinkles and some bags under the eyes. The FIRST ATTEMPT had grey hair (my main visual support was Mad Men’s Roger Sterling, which could be slightly biased by my effort of going through season 6), but talking with Felipe, it didn’t look well with the background and the environment. Then I added some facial spots and other details, but got a little CREEPY. A bit too old. On the other hand, there was an interesting discussion: How do Kerbals get old? What are their muscles in their face? So far, we haven’t seen Kerbals grow old.  We know that they move their mouth, and that they can speak, smile and cry. But, since it’s mostly a toon character, grounded slightly on a human face, it was a tough call to make the wrinkles and to spot them in their proper place.  There’s this other scientist guy, which is mostly Wernher’s intern, which overlooks Science and Research funds, since Wernher is too busy to be bothered with such small talk. WALT is the most intriguing Kerbal in the Admin Building (of course he’s got nothing to do with that other Walt, nor is he in the same line of business, though somewhere in the project folder I’ve got a blue extinguisher waiting to be used). He’s the PR and likes to wear a Hazmat Suit to the meetings. I’m not so sure if he’s got some sort of illness that could make Kerbalkind extinct (at least in his mind), or if he’s just preventive about his working environment. He’s wearing THIS NASA suit with a slight color variation. We don’t want the hazmat suit to be mistaken with the EVA suit, and be launched on a mission instead!

Jim (Romfarer): It’s been a week of modifying older GUI elements and fixing bugs. Among other things I added a feature so you can scale the ContractsApp while in vab and sph. I also added the Application Launcher to the tracking station. The ContractsApp, MessageSystem and all mods will be visible in there where applicable. As for bugs i fixed one bug that has been around for a long time in one form or another where parts are picked in vab/sph when you have the loading or flag menu right above the part.

Max (Maxmaps): Been spreading myself across tasks this time around. Keeping contact with you lovely people on the forums and offsite communities, making sure that the massive art project goes as planned, and also helping as much as I can to get the new update in your hands. Scripted the prerelease features video already, but you guys are gonna love what the media team is cooking up.

Ted (Ted): Now that we’re firmly in Experimentals, we’re racing through the issues and the builds (as those of you that lurk steamdb will know!). The new testers are settling in well and filling the tracker to the brim with some good and tasty issues for the developers to eat up. It’s been a very busy week to say the least, but I’ve managed to grab a few moments to make some improvements to the part folders. I’ve renamed almost all of the Squad part folders so that they’re both better organized in the editor part menu and so that they better reflect the part title in-game. Additionally, I’ve renamed the part config files to be the same as the part folder name, that should help a lot when having tabs of them open in Notepad++.

0.25 is shaping up nicely, though we still have a handful of areas to polish and refine so that they’re at their best when they arrive on your hard drives!

Anthony (Rowsdower): I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of the month already. Time’s flying by isn’t it? Not much for you all this week except to remind you that our Coub contest will be coming to an end on October 4. Also, by chance, would any of you modders out there be interested in showing off what you do on KSP-TV? Hit me up with a forum PM if interested.

Rogelio (Roger): I’ve been doing some changes to the assets I’ve been modeling along with Max and Felipe, I think we’ve finally gotten to the same visual style. This week, I went crazy fixing some Maya issues. Many of my models seem to have just disappeared. Later on, I noticed that they, in fact, didn’t disappear. They just weren’t assigned to a shader and it was really annoying to reassign shaders. On the other hand, I’m really happy with the new stuff we’re cooking for you guys. Today Dan put together some of the stuff we’re modeling and it really looks nice. We’ll keep polishing the models to make it look even better.

Modding Mondays: (Atmospheric) Trajectories

Youen’s (ATMOSPHERIC) TRAJECTORIES displays trajectory predictions in a number of ways. As seen in the picture above, you have the stock trajectory, the mod trajectory (if you use, say, NEAR or FAR) and impact location. Lift and drag, among others, are all accounted for. It even can help with aerobraking maneuvers, space plane descent profiles and reaching a specific points on any celestial body.

For more info and download links for (Atmospheric) Trajectories, click HERE.

KSP’s on sale at The Humble Store for a Limited Time!

Kerbal Space Program has once again returned to the sale rack of THE HUMBLE STORE! You have less than two days grab the game for 40% off the regular price and contribute to some fine charities while doing so. Get into orbit before 0.25 and purchase KSP today.

New Kerbals coming to Administrative Building in 0.25 update

SHACKNEWS has the scoop on the newest members of the KSP crew - the employees in the administration building. Read all about it HERE.


Do you like explosions? Sure, we all do! You may enjoy THIS example of 0.25’s new, glorious explosion fx. You may also enjoy the big secret that will be revealed on next week’s EPISODE