A Closer Look at the New EVA Suit for Cinematics

Notice anything different in our First Contract cinematic? It turns out new EVA suits are all the rage this season. Have a detailed look at the new Kerbal duds and be sure to watch for it in future cinematics!

Devnote Tuesdays: The Administrative Edition


Felipe (HarvesteR): Started design and planning for the upcoming features for update 0.25, but before that, we took some time for a much needed cleanup of the project. We spent the entire day yesterday going through all our old and placeholder assets, code and packages we had in the project files, and managed to get rid of several gigabytes of stuff that we didn’t need. This should make our lives much easier going forward. The asset mess really was reaching alarming proportions. Today we’ve started writing up the specifics of how the Administration Facility will function. This is a new building we want to add at KSC, but more on that later.

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Since the release of 0.24, I’ve been dealing with some minor issues from our Download Server. So, I had to leave what I was doing (new parts sound implementation) and make sure everything was working correctly server-side. We made an upgrade to the machine that hosts the Forums and game downloads because it wasn’t able to handle the user traffic. I guess you noticed a lot of 502 Errors thrown by the KSP Forums last week… well, they shouldn’t be there anymore.

Mike (Mu): Well last week I had a very welcome week off. Spent it relaxing and recharging. This week we have begun the process of cleaning up the project, removing deprecated code and reorganizing ready for 0.25 development to start in earnest.

Daniel (danRosas): Moving on to new things, things are going to get extreme on the Art team. We are carefully planning new things to come. It’s mostly in-game stuff, so I’m pretty sure you’ll all be happy *humms that “Happy” song*

Jim (Romfarer): This week i started planning and doing mockups for the new Administration building GUI. More details will follow.

Miguel (Maxmaps):  Had a ton of fun with the AMA over at r/Games, other than that, have been spending my time participating in the day to day planning of update .25. Adapting to my new responsibilities has been challenging but fun and rewarding.

Bob (Calisker): It’s been a great week - with some really neat stuff going on. I met with a social media director for a major university, which I just happen to follow a little bit, to talk about social media tools, KSP and football. It was just a quick discussion over coffee but a great reminder about how awesome the KSP community can be. Speaking of the KSP community, I got back some incredible responses about parents playing with their children (or vice versa) last week. Thank each of you who responded. I’m in the process of figuring out a few different ways to use these stories and will be in contact at some point - even if it is just a quick thank you email. And if anybody else still wants to share their stories with me, you can email your own stories to press@kerbalspaceprogram.com with the subject line generational play. We’re also dealing with a few legal issues that I wanted to discuss here for lack of a better place to get these out in the open.

1. Use of copyrighted materials: This is a tricky one because we want to support user-generated materials as much as possible but have to be protective of our copyright. Right now, our overarching policy is that if your content is available for free but you’re asking for a donation, or if you monetize through advertising, that’s OK. But we prefer that people only sell stuff that is Kerbal Space Program related with our prior and complete approval. We think that’s a very fair way to it but are trying to also look at other possibilities.

2. The use of the phrase Kerbal in user-generated content. Right now, we try to ask that people don’t use it but if you are using it - at least until we finalize an official stance/program on this - please make sure it is stated that you are not officially affiliated with Squad nor Kerbal Space Program in any way.  

3. We’re getting a lot of questions about the rules around mods. We’re working on a solution that is first and foremost about protecting the rights of our players. Modders need to respect the rights of KSP players, make sure they’re being honest with what they’re offering in their mod and we expect them to always think of the players first. We’re going to set some ground rules that protect the KSP community while also respecting the hard work and effort that goes into the mods. We don’t want to see mods being mistreated either - it’s important people’s work is recognized as their own. We know this is very important - but as with anything like this - we’re going to listen to everybody and do our best to find common ground.

We’re working on all of this but it does take time - so please - send us your thoughts - Rowsdower, Max and me are all working on these issues.

Oh yeah, one last thing - Adrian attended the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace Gala in San Jose, Calif. this past weekend where Kerbal Space Program was the first video game honored with an award. We were stoked to follow in the footsteps of Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Babylon 5 as recipient of the Vision Of The Future award. These awards aren’t possible without your support as an amazing community that has helped KSP grow into an award-winning game. Thank you.

Anthony (Rowsdower): I’ve got my eyes on many places and faces. KSP-TV, in particular. I’ve been speaking to some perspective new faces for there, while asking our current ones for ways we can improve things. Are you interested in potentially becoming a KSP-TV member? Send me a PM through the forums with a little introduction and we’ll take it from there.

Eduardo (Lalo):  Been working and planning release .25.

Rogelio (Roger): We’re planning new in game stuff for you guys, we’re still picturing how new things are gonna look and I’m really excited to work on something that Im pretty sure will give you plenty hours of fun.

Hugo (Hugol):  Been working a lot more on the other Mk pieces. Finally getting close to finishing that line. I’ve been getting some inspiration from my personal favorite real world vehicles between other things. Hope you all guys like the changes. Getting ready to work extra hard as the rest of the art department for the coming weeks. All ready getting pumped! (also notice I changed my nickname, just because hehe)

Modding Mondays: Improved Chase Camera


Need a change of pace in your chase camera view? BahamutoD’s IMPROVED CHASE CAMERA is for you. This mod allows the camera to follow your surface velocity vector instead of sticking and rolling. Get a better sense for how you’re flying, what’s around you and just about any important angle by toggling this on.

For more info on Improved Chase Camera, go HERE.

Ask Maxmaps Anything on /r/Games

Ask our producer, Maxmaps anything about KSP, early access and whatever else is on your mind right now on /R/GAMES.

Meet the KSP Build Pipeline


Ever wonder what happens when we generate builds for a new update? HarvesteR explains all that goes into the build pipeline in this ARTICLE.

0.24.2 Hotfix Patch Released

We put out a hotfix today, bringing the latest version of First Contract to 0.24.2. it has everything to do with right clicks and nothing to do with Dizzle's scenic picture. Read what's new HERE.

Maxmaps Named Producer of Kerbal Space Program


First Contract wasn’t the only thing that got an upgrade today! We’re thrilled to announce that Maxmaps has been been bestowed with the title of producer for Kerbal Space Program. What does this mean for him? How will this affect the community? Read all about it HERE.

Kerbal Space Program: First Contract Patched to Version 0.24.1

We’ve made some parts upgrades to Kerbal Space Program: First Contract! The update’s been patched to version 0.24.1 and you can get it now through STEAM and the KSP STORE. To see what’s new, click HERE.

Video Wednesdays: Celebrating Apollo 11

Impressive visuals and an inspiring message make ABBAthedude’s “Celebrating Apollo 11” one to watch.

Devnote Tuesdays: The “Hype Train’s Back in the Station” Edition

Editor’s Note: Portions of the staff have been in and out of meetings all day, so some have not been so easy to catch for comment. We’ll try to update this post with their thoughts throughout the week, if possible.

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Well, last week was release week and I have to say it was a little stressful one for me. I had everything set and ready in the KSP website to make a smooth and clear release, but you should always keep in mind that Murphy’s law will get you anyway. So, as expected, there were some issues with the downloads and then the KSP Forums. In the end, after a few hours, I managed to fix the issues and left everything up and running for the weekend, so all of you could get the First Contract update. I really hope you’re enjoying it!

Daniel (danRosas): Wrapping up the release, really cool to see the response from you guys, you’re an amazing community. We’ve made some wallpapers that are being released, for First Contract fans. There are some tasks floating around at hand, there are some models that have been done that need to be taken into the game, and I just had an interesting chat with HarvestR about them. Also, I’m working on a new animatic, but I’m still not happy with how the events inside the short are unfolding, so I’m going through that other stuff in order to have a clearer mind about the Kebal misfortunes :)

Jim (Romfarer): This is by far the biggest gui update I’ve worked on and it feels great that it’s finally released, even though we discovered a bit of a game stopping bug for the moddable features of the application launcher. But fear not, this bug only affects mods and it is possible to circumvent the bug. In any case the bug has been fixed and it’s already in the pipeline for the next version. I’m also likely to throw in some extra features that were suggested too late in the process to include with 0.24.

Bob (Calisker): It was a lot of fun to get the update out the door - thank you to all of our friends in the games media who covered the announcement. We spent a lot of time drafting the press release, making sure it was factual and really explained why First Contract is such a great update for KSP. One story I’m particularly interested in is those of you who are playing with your children. If you’d be willing to share your story about why you choose to play KSP with your kids (or if you’re playing with one of your parents, let me know too). Please email press@kerbalspaceprogram.com with the subject line: Generational Play in KSP. Thanks!  

Anthony (Rowsdower): Another update’s been put in the books. We’re glad to see First Contract was worth the wait for many of you. I can’t wait to see where the hype train goes for 0.25. Anyway, I’d just like to publicly thank the mods on the forum and reddit for keeping the train on rails, especially on the forum. The number 502 will forever haunt everyone. The media and KSP-TV crew also deserve major props for simply doing what they do best and entertaining you all. Ok, now that that’s all been said, it’s back to business.

Rogelio (Roger): Hey guys, hope you like the first contract video I’ve started to work on new models for the next animatic, but until the whole team feel happy with the  idea we’ll tell you more about it.

Hugo (The Intern):  
Had a lot of fun with the new release!! Still working on some pieces aesthetics. Mainly working on the MK line right now. Hopefully you guys will like the work. Had a very interesting and insightful conversation with Felipe and Dan to discuss some designs and what we would envision to add in the future.