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Apr 22

Devnote Tuesdays: The “It Might Be Wednesday” Edition

Felipe (HarvesteR): Not much to tell this week development-wise, as me and Chad are taking a (much needed) break after the ARM patch crunch.

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Still working on the in-game achievements stats page (internal use only), almost there. Also I started doing some tests for the new version of vBulletin 5.1.0, so we can have our KSP Forums up to date. It will take a couple days to make sure everything will work fine and that we don’t lose information.

Mike (Mu): It’s been another fun filled week working on contracts with further expansion and fleshing out of the contract system and it’s interactions with the various NPC organizations represented in KSP.

Daniel (danRosas): I’m re-rendering the background of the animation. The first attempt looked totally different from what was intended. Finishing that, it’s all full speed ahead for the final render, layers are ready, lens flares are all set, maybe it would miss some grading and color toning for the final product.  And probably you have noticed that there’s a new member on the team, we’re going to be collaborating on future animations, graphics, art - so we can have more boosters in the animations!!

Jim (Romfarer): I had a nice Easter vacation and i also managed to get the winning logos into the game today.

Miguel (Maxmaps): Had a lovely vacation in Ottawa, now back at the office, setting up all the media stuff again. Making sure youtubers get the proper attention and planning some shaking up for KSPTV.

Ted (Ted): This past week we’ve continued testing Contracts with further revisions and expansions from Mike added into the mix. Additionally, I enjoyed a good couple of days of Easter holiday.

Anthony (Rowsdower): Had a nice, lengthy meeting today that added some nice work on my plate. Among other things, I’m going to be looking for ways in which we can better utilize Google+ and build a strong identifier for it within our social channels.

Eduardo (Lalo): Defining and developing KPIs in order to improve our processes.

Rogelio (Roger): HI guys, I’m Roger, the new member of KSP team. I’m here to help out with the 3D stuff, character animation, animation, rendering, etc. Right now I’m preparing new printable stuff and doing some content for the NASA campaign global selfie. I joined the team yesterday so that’s all till now, I will keep you informed about the things I’ll do here. I’m sure you will be surprised with the future animations so stay tuned.

Jeb’s #globalselfie

Jeb couldn’t resist sending his NASA pals a #globalselfie to celebrate Earth Day and Kerbin Day. Have you taken a #globalselfie today?

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Kerbal Space Program is now on sale for 40% off the regular price at GAMEFLY DIGITAL GAMES!

If you’ve been waiting for a good time to grab some asteroids or you want to stock up on codes for friends, there’s no better moment than this week’s Indie Hits sale.

Apr 21

Modding Mondays: Telemachus

If you’re as big a fan of stats and charts as we, Rich's TELEMACHUS will change your KSP experience forever. Install the mod and build a craft with the Telemachus antenna. From there, you’ll have the option to view several different visualizations through the web. With the right combination of hardware, you can even create your own mission control, as pictured above.

There’s a lot to be found in Telemachus, so it’s best that you DOWNLOAD it and see for yourself.

HarvesteR Shows Off His Rig On PC Gamer

Ever wonder what HarvesteR's gaming rig was like? PC Gamer did and thanks to them, you’ll get to see the gear that matters most to the creator and lead dev of KSP.

Apr 18

FanWork Fridays: Pursue the Mission!

EarthLight came through with another fine piece of jingoistic art for KSP. Something tells us that EarthLight and ShimmytheJJ's announcer should get together for a project.

Apr 17

Twitch Thursdays: MatoroIgnika

"Here Comes the Sun," indeed. Meet MatoroIgnika. He’s the newest member of KSP-TV. In this sample clip, watch as he “wins” Kerbal Space Program. Yes, wins.

"But wait, you can’t actually win, can you?"

I don’t know about you, but we call the finale of this video a win in our estimation. Hope you’ll think so, too.

Apr 16

Video Wednesdays: Kerbal Space Slam

Remember the original Kerbal Space Jam video? Well, ddrninjette decided to make a bigger, bolder version - Kerbal Space Slam! It mixes the cult favorite lead track from Space Jam, quotes from NBA Jam and a slam dunk so big, even Blake Griffin couldn’t dream it up.

Apr 15

Devnote Tuesdays: The “Hail Hydra!” Edition

Alex (aLeXmOrA): I wrote down some of the things I’m going to be doing for the next couple of months. Basically, I was in a planning state about them. I’ll be sharing more lately.

Mike (Mu): I’ve been continuing with the contract system update. There are some very exciting little features which will bring a lot more colour to the KSP universe.

Marco (Samsonart): I’ve been doing a little housekeeping in the project, locating unused and deprecated assets to improve our workflow.

Daniel (danRosas): Render was good, but 5 shots need to be improved. Full in post-production for the animation.

Jim (Romfarer):This update I’m responsible for 4 new gui systems, which is a new record. I’ve been continuing the work to make sure everything is working as it should. It’s funny to think about how many buttons and small things were broken and are now fixed, thanks to the awesome job of the testing team.

Miguel (Maxmaps): Had a fun time helping select winners for the company logo contest. Now on a lovely week long break in Ottawa. Hail Hydra.

Jesus (Chuchito): Going through UDP world, solving bugs.

Bob (Calisker): I’ve worked with Kotaku for years but thanks to our great community (and our efforts to constantly do right by each of our players), I was quoted by Kotaku HERE. Rowsdower and Maxmaps spend a lot more time than I do dialoguing with our community but I’m paying attention as best I can. I’ve been spending more time on a few boring business things but hopefully, we’ll have some news to share on that front sooner than later. Dan and I are also talking about brand guidelines, which is fitting coming off the logo contest. If you’re into branding and logos, be on the lookout because we might try to do some surveying that will help us shore up our brand guidelines for Kerbal Space Program. Oh yeah, this is my current rocket trying to get into orbit in Career Mode, but I’m learning I’m a terrible PILOT.

Ted (Ted): The QA Team and I have been testing out the Contracts branch. Additionally, I’ve been continuing with following up on any issues remaining in 0.23.5, which are thankfully looking to be fewer as time goes on. Again, much thanks to those that are writing up bug reports in an accurate, well documented and concise manner, it’s incredibly helpful and really goes a long way in helping us here. (If you need any help in writing up bug reports, check the Bug Tracker subforum’s sticky.)

Anthony (Rowsdower): Presently contacting all the logo contest winners. Once we get emails back, confirm info and gussy things up, we’re fixin’ on announcing everything to the community.

Eduardo (Lalo): Developing some Key Performance Indicators

Congrats to the Winners of LANfest’s KSP Tournament at PAX East

Congratulations to Seth, Jason and Joe for placing as the top three finishers in LANfest's KSP tournament at PAX East. As winners, they’ll receive some quality hardware from Logitech Gaming and bragging rights throughout the community. We’d also like to thank the nearly 70 of you who signed up and participated in the tournament. Hope you had fun.

Want to see what the participants had to accomplish? Read the PAX East tournament RULESET.