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Aug 20

Video Wednesdays: Kolonizing Kerbals


It’s time to kolonize the galaxy with ellbristow. A new rocket and solar panels means hopes for another Mun trip take a positive new turn in the latest episode of his Kolonizing Kerbals series.

Aug 19

Devnote Tuesdays: The “Can’t Spell Kerbal without K” Edition


Felipe (HarvesteR): Spent the day yesterday at the office with everyone, checking out everything and mostly making sure everything’s coming along. Things are moving at a really nice pace, I must say. I took some time last week and today to compose a little jazzy piece to play in the Admin Facility, I think it’s going to fit in well there. Also worked with Alex to organize a lot of sound effects we had into a nice library for later use.

That is about all I can openly discuss for now. As you’re probably imagining, we are working on a lot more stuff than we’re sharing here, and that’s because those are one of two things: Either it’s something that is too early in development to talk about, or it’s something that will only be used on a feature not scheduled for 0.25 (in which case it’s also much too early to talk about). Such secrecy is necessary sometimes, and I agree talking about having stuff we can’t talk about doesn’t make for very good devnote material, but I don’t want to have you thinking we’re not working on anything.

Indeed, we are all working frantically towards a very large goal. This is one of the largest, if not the largest concerted effort to develop a single feature we’ve ever had. We’ll share our plans as soon as they reach a point where they are matured enough to be discussed openly. For now, we have to keep these things under wraps, so please bear with us and try to keep speculation to a minimum, ok?

Alex (aLeXmOrA): I worked with Felipe on selecting new sounds for the parts. There were a lot of them that we had not decided if they fit in the game. Now we have a library from where we can test and select the ones for each part. We’ve whittled it down to about 85 sounds overall. Also, we released the updated version of KerbalEdu with 0.24.2 features. And I’m almost done with changes to the KSP Store website.

Mike (Mu): Well, the administration backend got a bit of a rewrite to make it a lot more interesting to modders. It was already very moddable but it’s systems can now be fully config defined which should add a little spice to things. I’ve also been plowing on with a new logging system for vessels and kerbals. This will become the basis for a few new systems linked to career mode and will give us a better idea of where our intrepid astronauts have been.

Marco (Samssonart): Now that the cat is well out of the bag, I can disclose that I have been working on a few features. First of all, additional NavBall icons! Now, the Normal and Radial vectors will be visible on the NavBall. An arrow will also indicate the general direction of the maneuver marker when using maneuver nodes. I’m currently working on crew transfer, meaning there will be no more need to EVA kerbals to transfer them among docked crafts. In other news we updated the edu version of the game, so all you KerbalEDU users will now have version 0.24.2.

Daniel (danRosas): I am deep in the ocean of modeling and texturing. You know, moving vertex, uvs, painting. Trial and error. The pipeline between the artists has been set up, so it’s just trying to oil the machine that’s departed the preparation face. You can also read more about our current status in Maxmaps’ dev note. The life of a game artist.

Jim (Romfarer): This week i have decided to make my notes in two parts: Part 1 is for those that don’t want to read technical gui stuff and part 2 is.

Part 1: Last week the team was challenged to make a mun landing. Basically the challenge was something like this: “We are determining the team’s capability to land on the mun. Do that and we will send you a stupid t-shirt.” HERE are some images from my mission: As you can see, i decided to take the challenge a bit further and see how small a vessel i could make it with. I think my concept is sound enough, but when i finally landed it on the mun i realized i didn’t have enough fuel to make it back. So here is a challenge to you: Can you make it back to Kerbin and land on the runway again? (The whole point of my vessel is to not drop any fuel tanks during the mission.)

Part 2: I needed a incremental power slider for a part of the new administration facility gui. The framework (EzGUI) we use for this can’t handle that so i had to come up with a nifty trick to make that work. Basically the existing implementation can only move the slider up and down or left to right, but it doesn’t tick along certain increments. Adding a callback on “ValueChanged” for the slider won’t work either because a ticking slider obviously doesn’t change it’s value until the next tick, so it’s a bit of a chicken and egg problem. So i created two sliders on top of each other, the top one being transparent but with triggering colliders. The invisible slider is actually moving with 0 increments, and whenever it gets in “half range” to the next increment, it sends and update to the bottom slider to have the knob move to the next increment. When the slider is dropped both sliders snaps into place on the given increment so the colliders are aligned and ready for the next move.

Miguel (Maxmaps): Organizing stuff for adding new sounds and overall effects to the game. Looking great so far. Also, our art team is currently sequestered in what is the largest 3D asset endeavor that we have overtaken so far. So much so you won’t see it in .25, so forgive them if they’re not really sharing a lot of info on the matter. We are talking dozens of high quality models that must be made. Oh, I also wrapped up a deal with Porkjet to add a modified version of Spaceplane Plus to the base game. This mod not only fits the aesthetic of the game perfectly but tackles parts that needed to be remade and did so in the best way possible.

While we generally focus on our own implementation of features and prefer to do things in-house (Benefits are large, for starters having full control over code/asset quality), Spaceplane Plus is so close to precisely what we wanted that you’ll practically see the whole mod ingame after a couple minor adjustments. Shoutout to Porkjet who has been an absolute pleasure to work with.

Bob (Calisker): Have a good week everyone - I’m on holiday with the family.

Ted (Ted): Good news everyone! I finished processing all 684 tester applications and have now closed down registration. There were some really fantastic applications in there that simply blew me away. It’s unfortunate that we don’t need as many testers as there were brilliant applications. It’s going to be tough to narrow it down to the final 50 - 60. However, I do really want to thank everyone that took the time to apply.

Outside of the applications, I’ve been wrapping up my work on the Testing Documentation, as well as finishing off the evaluations of both the Testing Teams. Finally, I’ve been keeping up with the awesome features that the developers are working on, trying to contain my excitement to a barely professional level.

Anthony (Rowsdower): So how are we doing this week? Any better? Any worse? We know the devnotes aren’t always as action packed as you may like and hopefully HarvesteR’s given a better insight as to why, up above. That said, I spent a good deal of time over the last week just scanning reactions, talking things through on our end and created a survey for you to fill out on what you’d like to see, any changes that should be made, so on and so forth. Now, I’d planned to have it ready for you today, but it’s still undergoing edits and approvals so while it’s not here yet, expect it soon. We’ll get some decent mileage with a much more focus stream of thoughts from the community. Otherwise, I’ve still been spending a lot of time on the KSP-TV front. Things are getting better there every day and both OverlordUT, as well as N1tch are playing nicely. Say, did any of you catch Ferretbomb on the channel last night? Finally, I voted for the banana. Why isn’t the banana in the game? As always, blame Yargnit :P

Eduardo (Lalo):  Organizing some legal contracts, making sure that the remodeling of the office is in order and following up with the entire team on deadlines.

Rogelio (Roger): We’ve been modeling, doing uv maps, texturing, and optimizing as much as we can. Before Squad, I was used to modeling and texturing in a more artistic way, but doing it to fit in a videogame has been challenging and I really like it. The production schedule was also finally done between Dan, Nick and myself. It establishes due dates and current status of the models we’re doing. It will be fun to improve our skills as a team.

Aug 18

Modding Mondays: F100 Jet Engine

We”re trying something a bit different today, as KSP-TV's Tanuki Chau recently reached out to NoMrBond to guest on her show to talk about his F100 JET ENGINE part and much more. To watch his part in action and listen to the interview, skip ahead to the 33-minute mark.

Click HERE to download NoMrBond's F100 Jet Engine.

If you’d like to have a chat Tanuki about your add-on or part, leave a PM for us at KSP-TV.

Modding Mondays will return to its regular format next week.

Kerbal Space Program - An Indie “Must Play” Now on Sale for 40% off at Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming has named Kerbal Space Program as one of the top 5 indie games you must play! To celebrate, they’ve put KSP on SALE for 40% off the regular price. If you’ve been waiting for a good time to take a trip to the Mun, this is it.

Aug 15

Here’s Something Hugo Made

Bye, Hugo. Your work will live on in KSP.

Kerbal Space Program is one of PC Gamer’s Top 100 Greatest PC Games

It’s official! PC Gamer’s deemed Kerbal Space Program as one of their top 100 greatest PC games. Many of our favorite games are on the list and we’re be pleased to be listed among them. More importantly, we hope that we’re in your top 100, too.

Aug 14

Twitch Thursdays: N1tch

N1tch is a chill human being who knows his way around an orbit or two. Watch him make it through this and other dire situations every Monday at 3 PM EDT on KSP-TV!

Aug 13

Video Wednesdays: Rover Adventures - Around Kerbin - 24 


Since January 2014, Wooks has taken to circumnavigating around Kerbin by land. Only recently has he come to the conclusion of that quest. He may be the first one to accomplish this, too. Fully stock, even! Congratulations, Wooks.

Aug 12

Devnote Tuesdays: The “Goodbye, Hugo” Edition

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Still working on some changes to the KSP Store Website.

Mike (Mu): I’ve been continuing to work on the secretive administration building’s backend systems and, while awaiting the front end to be further along, working on a new logging system for our intrepid astronauts.

Daniel (danRosas): I’m working on some interesting assets for the game, and at the same time figuring out a pipeline for an efficient art production.

Jim (Romfarer): Last week i spent a lot of time working on a new scroll list implementation i need for the administration gui. So, putting items in a list and having them move up and down seems easy enough but apparently it’s not. The implementation we currently use is 3600 lines of code! In the end the work paid off and we now have a 2D scroll list implementation that’s conceptually the same as the one dimensional lists you have seen before. The most interesting thing about it however is what we are going to put in it but unfortunately i can’t say anything about that.

Miguel (Maxmaps): Organizing and running through our plan for 0.25. Everything so far going along on schedule. Having Hugo around has been great and we can tell he’s got a bright future in the industry. Also friendly reminder that people who talk about the admin building early will be fed to the company Tyrannosaurus.

Ted (Ted): I’ve been going through the 670+ Testing applications that we’ve received, being very impressed by the vast majority of them as well. It’s going to be difficult to narrow them down. Additionally, I’ve been evaluating the current Experimental and QA Teams. Finally, I’m almost finished with the Experimental Testing documentation for the testers. Thanks to all those that applied to the Testing Team, by the way.

Anthony (Rowsdower): I’ve been deeply involved in further developing KSP-TV. I spent quite a bit of time compiling data for use in a programming pitch I submitted. Hope I see a green light on it. Trust me here, so do you. Speaking of greenlights, we just gave a greenlight to our newest member, N1tch! Watch him every Monday at 3 PM EDT.  We also revamped the KSP-TV calendar a bit, so if you had previously synced your own calendars with the old one, please switch over to the one HERE.

Eduardo (Lalo):  These days have been amazing. Because my daughter was born, I don’t have too much to say. I’m just that trying to be a good father and learning how to do it while also making the .25 plan :p

Rogelio (Roger): Working together with Dan on assets for the game and improving the pipeline.

Hugo (Hugol):  
Hey, so this is my last week working here at the office (summer is over for me). I’ve got to say that this has been a great experience. All the guys at Squad are as crazy and awesome as you can imagine. I learned a lot from these little green dudes. However, school starts next Monday therefore I’ll be leaving Mexico this Saturday morning to keep on studying and hopefully get to do some more fun stuff for players like you in the future. Meanwhile I still have the rest of the week to work on tweaking the pieces I made and make sure they run nicely inside the game.

Modding Mondays: Fine Print



Contracts, contracts, contracts! Does your game need a contract injection? Maybe you need to read the FINE PRINT. Arsonide's Fine Print, that is.

This mod adds six new contract types to KSP, including Asteroid Retrieval Mission, Build Orbital Station, Rover Search and more. make sure you use and abuse waypoints, too. They play a big role in some of the new contracts and will play a much more major role for all of them in the future.

For more info on Fine Print, go HERE.