Server troubles again, please bear with us.

- by Harv.

As everyone’s probably noticed, our server is jammed up again by the sheer volume of people trying to download the game. This isn’t exactly a bad problem to have, but it is an issue, and we are working here to try and improve the situation as much as possible.

We are also planning new solutions here to avoid situations like this in the future. We are looking at moving the downloadable files to a separate server, so that even if the demand slows it down, the forums and the store will stay up. However, this isn’t something we can do overnight. For the time being, I ask everyone to please be patient, and try to download at the slowest times of the day, like late at night, or early in the mornings (remember we’re on GMT-6 here, so night/morning depends on where you live).

We apologize for the inconveniences, and thank you for understanding. The situation should return to normal during the course of the week.