Felix Baumgartner’s Freefall

by Alex

Yesterday, October 14th 2012, was a historic day.

After two failed attempts during the week, Felix Baumgartner, a 43 years old Austrian skydiver, made a supersonic freefall breaking the sound barrier.

The former military parachutist rose in a purpose-built capsule beneath a giant helium balloon to a height of more than 128,000ft – almost four times the height of a cruising passenger airliner.

After a salute to the millions watching around the world, Baumgartner jumped from the capsule and plummeted toward earth, reaching a maximum velocity of 833.9 mph (1,342 km/h), faster than the speed of sound.

I was watching the Redbull live stream and when he jumped, I felt very excited! I’ve already had the oportunity to skydive and I can tell how it feels. Obviously, it’s not the same to jump from 13,000ft than from 120,000ft, but the sensation must be amazing.

If you missed the streaming yesterday, here I share you an official video from Redbull of the freefall.


And this is a kerbalized version of this prowess