Happy Birthday Capt’n Skunky!

Last Friday one of our community managers celebrated his birthday.  Most of you should have heard from him in the forums: James Kupperian (AKA Capt’n Skunky). Happy Birthday James!!

by James

Hi, I’m James Kupperian (Capt’n Skunky) and I’ve been interested in space my whole life mainly because my father worked for NASA. I grew up surrounded by the space culture and closely folowed the space program. I got started with computers back in 1978 when my father had me build a computer from a kit and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve been involved in game beta testing and community management starting back in 1999 with Asheron’s Call where I was a World Overseer and led the in-game support team for the Morningthaw server. 

I think that KSP is going to become very big and I hope to be able to keep the community growing and healthy. We’ve big plans to include the community in everything that is Kerbal Space Program so stay tuned!