Happy Day of the Dead

dia de muertos

On Wednesday we uploaded a special something for Halloween, but most of the team lives in Mexico and we just use it as an excuse for parties and marketing stuff.

Our real holiday is today the “Day of the Dead”. People set an altar for their dearest ones that have already departed. Supposedly, the death returns from the afterlife to eat and drink whatever you left them on the altar, and return happy to their present place. In some communities, like Patzcuaro, folks go to the cemetery and feast with their dead, there is tons of stuff to eat and drink. In most cases the families invite you to their homes in order to spend some time with their dead. We also give “calaveritas de azucar” (sugar skulls) to friends and family.

Up here in the pic there’s three kerbal sugar skulls for those three kerbals who have died in each and every one of those failed launches. May they rest in peace, and return to eat some bread, mole, or whatever they eat, today.

Here at Squad we’re coding, animating and working very hard on 0.18 while celebrating and eating pan de muerto (bread of the dead) with chocolate caliente (hot cocoa).

Happy Day of the Dead

-KSP Dev Team

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