Kerbalkon 2012 Announcement


Announcing Kerbalkon 2012 and Kerbal Space Programs 2nd Anniversary Event!

Come and Join us on November 30th 2012 at 0800/8AM CST (0900/AM EST) (1400/2PM GMT)

What can you expect? 16 hours of awesome plus more!

16 Hours of Dedicated Team KSP/Squad Content

-> Announcements!
-> Contests!
-> Dev Talks!
-> Special Previews of upcoming services!
-> Special Youtuber Guests such as KurtJMac, Scott Manley and The Winter Owl plus others!

Master of Ceremonies: Team KSP Community Manger - Damion Rayne
Assitant MOC: Team KSP Community Manager - Capt_Skunky

Team KSP

Lead Game Developer: 

Felipe Falanghe (a.k.a HarvesteR)

Game & Server Developers: 
Alejandro Mora
Rob Nelson (a.k.a N3X15)

Game & Tools Developer:
Mike Geelan

Technical Artist:

Chad Jenkins (a.k.a. C7)

3D Artist:
Daniel Rosas

Content Design:
Jeff C. (a.k.a. NovaSilisko)
Jacobo Rosas
Ean Moody

Sound & Music Design:

Edú Castillo
Víctor Machado

Mario Maqueo
Marco Salcedo

Additional Art:
Juan Carlos Demeneghi
Iván Vázquez

Community Manager:
Anthony Keeton (a.k.a Damion Rayne)
James Kupperian (a.k.a. Skunky)

Executive Producers:
Ezequiel Ayarza
Adrián Goya

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