KSP Weekly August 27, 2013

PAX Prime is almost here but we still manage some good information!

  • Your weekly developer update.
  • Bill… Since when did he…?
  • KerbTown and Kerbin City, is it too ambitious?

Developement Updates

KSP Dev Team Updates

  • Felipe (Harvester): Not much time for dev work this week, with Unite and PAX just a few days away. I did manage to write a cool system to output results of science experiments when you run them. The system itself is pretty uninteresting, unless you’re the sort who finds enumerated collections of data fun, but there’s a lot of potential for comedy in doing science the Kerbal way. Looking forward to developing it further when we get back.
  • Rob (N3X15): Wiki upgrades and fixing, working on the front page of Spaceport which is a little more troublesome than anticipated, since stealing the code from current spaceport isn’t viable. Plus, fixing the patcher on Linux (suspecting Ubuntu 13 broke something), and a few other minor emergencies here and there. Like relatives. And panicky realization that PAX is a few hours drive away from me.
  • Jim (Romfarer): This week i have been completing the code that draws relations (arrows) between tech nodes on the tech tree. I’ve also added new graphical elements to the sub-assembly parts of the VAB.
  • Chad (C7): Working on new parts for the game, modelling and animating them, along with integrating them into the game. It’s a nice change of pace. I’m going to be pretty busy with PAX until the end of the month though.
  • Alex (aLeXmOrA): Finished some last features of the Launcher. Doing some tests and fixing bugs.
  • Marco (Samssonart): More Launcher work, struggling with Linux business.
  • Daniel (DanRosas): This week was for editing videos, and gathering interesting stuff for the upcoming conferences, like crafting logos. This week I started modeling and hopefully I’ll have an animatic for the next kerbal adventure.
  • Mike (Mu): The summer conference schedule looms and I have been preparing for our Unite presentation. See you there!
  • Ted (Ted): Begun testing out the Launcher that the Team has been working on, looks great so far! I’ve also spent today and yesterday going through all of the Experimental Applications and accepted a lot of folks on to the Team.

YouTube Spotlight

This has got to be one of if not the best cinematic currently circulating the Internet for KSP. Nassault blows it out of the water with this absolutely brilliant video about a very unlikely hero. This is just one of those videos you won’t want to miss!

KSP Mod Spotlight

Today we feature a mod in it’s alpha stages of development. KerbTown is quite possibly the most ambitious project undertaken by the mod community. Many current contributors to the project are already working and churning out the content for this latest release and you can see the fruits of their labor starting to take shape. One note of interest is that you will be required to download and install both KerbTown and Kerbin City to use this mod. Since they both go hand in hand i’ve linked all the relevant information down below.

Mod Showcase

In our mod showcase today we’ll go over some of the many things to expect from KerbTown. I highly recommend you read the manual either in the forum link posted above or in the download folder should you choose to pick up this mod. You will have to download at least 2 separate mods to properly use KerbTown and Fly around Kerbin City. Neither of which is actually on the same page so i’ve linked them together for you up above. Once you have it installed it’s a very cool, very ambitious project that you can take upon yourself to either create new buildings or download others creations and check them out.

Through The Telescope

By: Pleborian

"When will there be cities" is a question that a lot of you will be all too familiar with. It is a common question that both new and old players will think about at least once, many discussions have taken place on the forums as to what these would be like or the feasibility to have such things in game.

Well today I can finally put these questions to rest, right now a group of modders is working to create the first city in KSP using tools that currently exist to add custom buildings to the game world, ladies and gentlemen I give you KerbTown: KerbTown Alpha Mod

To read more about the project and see some of those involved head on over to the Kerbin City Project Phases thread and see how everything is being developed.

KerbTown Runway
KerbTown City

Editor’s Notes

Don’t forget to keep sending in your fan creations! We love to see them all and you deserve to all be featured but we just don’t have the room and deciding what goes into the weekly is a task in and of itself sometimes! Simply send me, xpdxtv, a personal forum message with your link to a forum post, imgur picture or youtube video for a chance to be featured in the next weekly!

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