The Daily Kerbal: First Edition


We are thrilled to bring you the first edition of the Daily Kerbal. Although today is techincally Video Wednesday, we want to start off with this week’s devnotes.

Felipe (HarvesteR): Many Improvements done to Science Experiments and Transmission. Transmitting data does not allow you to max out a subject anymore as the science gain for transmission decays to 0% as repeated data is sent. Also, removing the data from an experiment module for transmission will render some experiment modules unusable. You can still reset and discard an experiment freely, as long as you don’t remove the data from it.

EVAs are now able to pick up data from data containers, which include not just experiments but also pods and even other EVAs. Also added some more info and progress bars to the science dialog, to give a better sense of how the data will be turned into science. Just now working on the new Lab module, which will let you take collected data and analyze it, increasing its transmission yield. Lots of work as you can probably imagine, but all this should make the gathering of science much more interesting, and eliminate most of the ‘grindy’ strategies for making quick science.

Chad (C7):  This week I worked with Ted and the QA team to test and fix the speed refactor and Unity engine upgrade branches. I managed to find and fixed a few long standing bugs while I was at it. After that was sorted out, I returned to working on modules again. Currently I’m upgrading and refactoring them to support our planned changes in 0.23.

Jim (Romfarer): This week i designed the new gui addition for the Research & Development building. The bar has been set high and if everything goes after the plan, there will be a list with science reports, sorting options including the planets in the game and some other options. Wernher Von Kerman may make an appearance in there as well.

Daniel (danRosas): Finished animating a little something, now rendering and post-producing at the same time, while waiting for audio design completion.

Alex (aLeXmOrA): Working on a KSP Educational project. Setting all the databases and stuff we’re going to use in the system that will manage educational copies.

Marco (Samsonart): Started out with the educational version of KSP, working on the log in module.

Rob (N3X15):  Still waiting for authorization. Fixed more bugs with Spaceport 2, worked on user control panel features a bit. Other than that, the usual fixing of servers.

Mike (Mu): Finished off the SpeedRefactor (performance boost) branch and got it ready to merge into the main branch. Since then I’ve been designing the new user interface for parts and modules to use in the VAB, SPH and flight scenes. This will give us and mod makers more options to create more interesting interfaces and enables the fabled ‘tweekables’ in the editor scenes.

Ted (Ted): Over the past week, together with the QA Team, I’ve been helping test the Unity 4.2.2 Upgrade and Mike’s SpeedRefactor/Performance Branch. Post-update tends to be a tad quiet on the QA side, but the Devs are hard at work so I’ve thankfully got things to test!

Miguel (Maxmaps): Planning the project so far! Travel! Hotels! A tamed lion! (One of those may not be actually factual) as well as reviewing blogs and doing some social media supervision and interviewing candidates for our CM position.

Bob (Calisker):
Working on a speaking engagement, which would be pretty cool, as well as getting some early information about update 0.23 together with the help of Felipe, of course. Also, helped out with this interview and happy to see it posted.


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